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Current Cases

Abandoned in the streets, Xolo lived for three years as the local zombie dog and chew toy for roaming dog packs.
When he was found in November he had parasites, eye infections, two types of cancer, a crazy case of mange, the list goes on and on. He was nearly dead, but thanks to the love and support of surfers for strays he has a new lease on life and is looking for a forever home! 

He has lived with other dogs and kittens without issue, but would do best in a house with no dominant males. Favorite activities include: runs through nature, face rubs from his human friends, and eating watermelon. If you have a bit of land and a lot of love to give, please consider adopting the worlds goofiest sweetest pup! We guarantee he'll bring a smile to your face and be loyal lifetime friend.

You can read more about on-going cases on Facebook.


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Message from Natalie Ritenour, co-founder of Surfers for Strays

#SurfersForStrays has been helping the plight of street animals for it's third season in the Zihuatanejo región of Mexico where approximately 70% of dogs are discarded into the streets.  

With the lack of education about the importance of spay and neuter the problems are compounded.   We've been working to change the mentality through education and spay and neuter clinics.  We've helped sterilize, rescue, or adopt out over 500 animals since January of 2017.  

It costs $30 USD to spay or neuter a cat or dog and it costs over $350 to do a basic rescue.  We deworm and deflea/tick with three rounds of vaccinations for puppies with no complications.  We budget around $3600 USD a month to help between 20-30  dogs in our Troncones and Zihuatenejo centers.

We use volunteers from around the world in the Work Away program and we staff locals who we pay and therefore create new economy.   We are currently fundraising by auctioning luxury villas that have been donated to our program so if you are thinking about a tropical vacation with good surf and yoga ... Check us out on Facebook for all the details!


Awesome prizes, even better cause.  Tickets go on sale June 6th @ The Dog Bowl

Or email us to connect with a ticket seller in your area. All ticket sales are donated to Surfers for Strays.

A little goes a long way.

$10 per month Contributes to supplies to keep one animal in our shelter.

$15 per month Contributes to food for one animal per month

$400 per month Pays for one year of Veterinarian services for Surfers For Strays animals weekly and 1-day of neuter clinics

$30 - Contributes to spay/neuter one medium sized animal

$50 Contributes to paperwork and medical visits to clear one animal to go its forever home

$100 Fly's one animal per month to a foster organization in Canada or US

Get involved...

Work-Study Volunteer 

Vet/Vet tech Work-Vacation




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Adoptable Dogs

These are some of the pups ready for adoption.  They are looking for their forever home! 


The newest member of our family, our adorably sweet Coco Luna, is thanks to these big hearts! 

Surfers for Strays is a volunteer based, non-profit organization on the pacific coast of Mexico where we often vacation.   We’ve seen first-hand the tireless, heartbreaking work they do and the tremendous impact it is having on the lives of so many animals and the local community.  

Their success is reliant on collective efforts, big and small, from people locally and abroad. Every contribution is felt directly by the animals, whether it’s dropping off a bag of food, bathing or spending time with the shelter dogs, live-work volunteering, adopting, fostering or donating funds.

Surfers for Strays are making a real difference in controlling the vicious cycle of over-population through spay/neuter initiatives and reducing the needless suffering of innocent animals each and every day. 

So many of the cases they see, can easily be helped with time, love and a small amount of funds.   They rely solely on volunteers and donations to make this happen, and you can help!

Before and After

We met Isha on our last trip. 

She’s one of our daughters favourite because “she’s loving and sweet”. It was hard to believe that this was her a few months prior. 

We are happy to report that Isha has been adopted and is now living the life she deserves in her forever home!

Below is our little Coconut Moon.  Coco Luna, getting deticked (the black dots on her head) by a volunteer after being found scared and alone at a construction site.  She is about one month old here.  Luckily people were able to bring her Surfers for Strays to get help.  We can’t imagine what her life would have been like had they not. 


Arrived during our last visit - litter of 10 puppies.  Found in this box at the side of the highway.  All puppies were eventually adopted to loving homes in Canada and the US. 


Most recent Spay/Neuter Clinic was a big success.  85+ animals were sterilized. 

Dogs post-op under the watch of volunteers.