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Healthy Paws - is a family owned Canadian company that offers “fresh-to-frozen” products that capture food’s nutrients in their richest state. They are dedicated to providing high quality nutrition through the use of human-grade ingredients that are preservative and additive free.  Producing a variety of raw food products to help your pet achieve a balanced diet from natural sources.

We have a great selection of fresh, whole, unprocessed RAW foods here at The Dog Bowl.

Tollden Farms - has been producing high quality raw food since 2002.  Canadian owned and operated.  Dinners are triple ground and come in a three formats: Meat & Vegetable Blends; Meat & Botanical Blends; or Do It Yourself (DIY) components. Packaged in a multiple of  convenient sizes; 6 or 8 lb bags, portioned in ½ pound patties, 1 and 3 lb bags, portioned in ¼ pound patties. We also have 5lb bags for the protein and vegetable blends, and the Do It Y

Totally Raw - produces a range of natural roducts for your canine companion. Products include: Ground Dinners, Balanced Blends, Whole Foods, Bones, Treats and Supplements.  Established in 2003, as a family business, products are made at our modern processing facility located in Burnside Nova Scotia.

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